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The Gut-Brain-Skin-Connection along with the

Skintox Protocol featuring Native Australian Extracts 

& Essential Oils

with Deby Atterby, Adv Dip Aromatic Medicine, DIST Herbal Medicine,

Dip Clinical Aromatherapist, Dip Remedial Massage, Adv Dip Aestheticians

In this practical course, Deby will discuss Detoxification and the Gut-Brain-Skin Connection. Deby will be sharing several protocols that have given great results and satisfaction to her clients. All Australian Essential oils and extracts are used throughout the course.

Deby welcomes trained Clinical Aromatherapists, Herbal medicine practitioners and Naturopaths, etc. to attend her 3-day Advanced Certificate Course and be enlightened in the world of Australian Native and Common Essential Oils and how they can be successfully used in clinical practice and dispensaries.

She will also show attendees how to integrate extracts and clays to help recharge the skin through using the Skintox protocol. 

Below is the outline for the class, but watch this 20-min interview with Deby to learn so much more about this class.

Day 1-Morning session

  • An introduction to Deby and how she integrated her Esthetician Therapy, Remedial Massage, Iridology, Clinical Aromatherapy, Western Herbal Medicine and Aromatic Medicine into her Natural Therapies Journey which resulted in creating a truly Holistic Practice.

  • She will introduce you to the WHY, WHEN and HOW the world of an Aromatic Practitioner works in a dispensary situation in Australia by inviting you into her dispensary. Deby will leave you with a greater understanding of practice.

  • WHY she would choose to use Aromatic Medicine within her Clinical Aromatherapy and Herbal practice and WHY you would choose certain protocol’s based on the ailments..

  • WHEN it is the correct time to introduce the Aromatic Medicine and integrate this technique considering all safety issues.

  • HOW Deby utilizes her Aromatic Medicine protocols in clinical practice and choose Essential Oils, along with the correct method of use.

  • Before the morning ends, Deby will demonstrate her method of capsulation using herbs to protect the gut health with these particular issues that will be discussed throughout the rest of the course.

Day 1-Afternoon session

  • Afternoon session leads into the study of the skin anatomy and physiology to prepare you for a greater understanding of the skin in clinical practice.

  • Deby will present an overview about the skin layers and cellular levels of skin ecology, all of which are extremely important to understand when working topically within the clinical practice, using Australian native Essential Oils and extracts

Day 2-Morning session

  • Deby will cover the importance of understanding the connections of the Gut-Brain-Skin and how these 3 major areas of the body affect the health of our largest organ that protects our human health status.

  • The second stage of the morning will delve into how you as a practitioner can take pathways to improve the detoxification on the skin, thus alleviating many topical skin issues.

Day 2-Afternoon session

  • Advancing into the afternoon, enjoy learning how to use the Skintox technique to help with face care in a clinical environment. You will also be shown how to analyze skin to achieve the correct product application that will be formulated.

  • However, we must not forget our body, in this part of the lecture, we will learn to understand the methods that also assist to eliminate toxins that build up in our body.

  • She will further explain how you can educate your clients for a simple home regime to maintain an all over healthy skin due to increasing lymph, circulation and oxygenation.

Day 3-Morning session

  • Morning session, on this final day, we will have a refresher about our Essential Oil chemistry and its similarity to the human skin, we will also delve into the greater understanding of Australian Native Essential Oils and their actions due to the chemistry behind them.

  • Deby will also discuss the safety and precautions that relate to these amazing Australian Essential Oils, this will be followed by the Carrier oils of Australia and at this point, she will discuss issues of the ingestion of Australian Essential Oils and extracts.

Day 3-Afternoon session 

  • Deby will take the attendees into the world of Australian extracts and their healing properties and then progress onto how valuable clays from the earth can heal the skin.

  • Lastly, she will give an insight into the Australian hydrosols and what a significant part they play in skincare, the attendees will participate in hands on protocol of the Skintox method and use products for facial care.

Where possible I will only use Native Australian and home distilled common essential oils in product formulation, as we only have a certain amount of the common oils there will be others that you will find that can assist in the nurturing factors needed in treating women’s health issues.

-D. Atterby

Learning Objectives:

On completion of the 3-day course, you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the why, when, and how of the use of Essential Oils internally in Aromatic Medicine treatment and when you should or should not apply this method, covering safety and precautions.

  • You will leave with the knowledge of just how the layers of the skin and cellular levels (skin ecology) make an impact when using essential oils in applications and formulations.

  • Achieve a clear understanding of the Gut, Brain, and Skin and how they work together, thus creating certain health conditions for the largest organ of the body.

  • From there we will realize a wealth of knowledge on how the pathways of how detoxing improve the health of the skin.

  • Attendees will learn a technique of facial care and recognize how to address what the body needs.

  • Attendees will leave with an understanding of native Australian Essential Oils, along with the safety and chemistry behind them.

  • Having knowledge of how to use Australian extracts, clays, and hydrosols can play a vital role in skin care.

  • The attendees will leave with knowledge of how to apply a treatment protocol in order to help the skin maintain its health and vitality.

  • Attendees will leave with a knowledgeable understanding of how to treat the face using Australian Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, extracts, Clay, and Hydrosols with enough confidence to treat a client’s face and body in clinical practice.

  • Have the ability to create and use certain product formulations.

18 CPDs

Fee: $625 


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Deby Atterby Biography

Deby Atterby is an active clinical Aromatherapy educator and practitioner with over 30 years of experience. She continues to be active in Aromatic Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy as well as Western Herbal Medicine. She studies and trains internationally.

In 2008, she undertook the task of editor and publisher of the industry magazine, Aromatherapy Today International Journal, ( which assists Aromatherapists with their continuing education in the aromatherapy realm and Deby provides an in-depth profile of an Essential Oil in each volume.

Deby instigated the first 2-day Aromatica Australia conference in 2015, which was well attended by therapists from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Japan, who were all treated to wonderful presentations by guest speakers in their field.

As a result of the first Aromatica Australia conference, Deby has continued running the conference in 2017, 2019, and 2021. More recently, Deby has been recognized as an expert in Australian native essential oils and has many case studies to demonstrate their efficacy and benefits in a clinical environment along with her colleague, who educates predominantly in the use of Australian Essential oils.

She then has since written a book on Australian Essential Oils, which was released during the 2021 virtual Aromatica conference and is being sold worldwide, available on

Currently, Deby is considered to be among the leading experts in the use of Australian Native Essential Oils and Extracts in Clinical practice.

A Note About Our Courses: Course registrations are evaluated on the Early Bird deadline. If the minimum is not met by the Early Bird deadline, the course may be canceled and full refunds will be given. To ensure your desired course moves forward, we encourage you to sign up before the Early Bird deadline. Course fees are nonrefundable. In the event we have met the maximum number for the course, your course fees can be transferred to another should you need to cancel. When the minimum number has been met, we will post an update to the course page. In the event that we have filled a course you desire, you can request to be placed on the waitlist in case of any cancellations. We ask that you do not purchase your airfare until the minimum number has been met. In the event the IJPHA cancels the class, you will receive a full refund. We recommend that you purchase a refundable ticket or travel insurance in case of any unforeseen issues. The IJPHA is not

responsible for refunds for your travel. This class is on!

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The special discounted group rates will be present. Please book your room no later than May 9, 2023 to ensure the discounted rate. (Rate is good from 6/8/23-6/11/23, when you register before 5/9/23. Guests who wish to extend their stay up to three days before or after the class may do so at the discounted rate by calling Lee Reissing at 303-845-1352. You must state you are with the Enhancements Aromatherapy class in November.

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