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Fostering the education and 

practice of the professional 

holistic aromatherapist

The current subscription year is from summer 2023 and ends in the spring 2024. 
4 issues each year in print. Back issues are available here.
A note from our editor: Due to the ever-increasing rise in postal costs overseas, the IJPHA is now offering digital subscriptions 
to those outside the USA. Print 
subscriptions remain available but are subject to price increases every 3-5 years.

Sincerely, Lora Cantele, Chief Editor

AutoRenew Subscriptions & Refund Policy

PayPal is our payment processing company. When subscribing you can opt in for auto-renew of your subscription. Should you select this option, please go back into your PayPal profile settings the next day and change the annual renewal date to May 1. The time to renew your subscription is between March 1 and May 1 to ensure no interruption of your subscription. We will send a reminder note with your last issue (in the spring). If you are on auto-renew you can ignore this note. Should you forget you are on auto-renew and you renew manually (early), when your auto-renew processes we will extend your subscription into the next subscription year in lieu of a refund. Should you require a refund for your duplicate payment, we will gladly refund your subscription less a $10 admin fee. 

NOTE: We are unable to make adjustments to your PayPal account. You will need to make any adjustments in your settings.

Subscriptions are non-refundable, except for the example above.

Case Studies Wanted!

The #1 request by our readers is the sharing of case studies.

Everyone has something to share! Submit your case studies:

International Journal of 
Professional Holistic Aromatherapy
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