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Fostering the education and 

practice of the professional 

holistic aromatherapist

The current subscription year is from summer 2023 and ends in the spring 2024
4 issues each year in print. Back issues are available here.
A note from our editor: Due to the ever-increasing rise in postal costs, the IJPHA is now offering digital subscriptions. Print subscriptions remain available but are subject to price increases every 3-5 years. Digital subscriptions are view only.                  We use Hightail "spaces." You will need to set up a Free "Hightail Lite" account ( to gain access.

All four copies of the year you subscribe to are kept in a password-protected viewing space with lifetime access.
Sincerely, Lora Cantele, Chief Editor

Auto-renew is available on our non-discounted subscriptions.

Just select the "auto-renew" option and you will be automatically renewed

at the same rate for two billing cycles.

AutoRenew Subscriptions & Refund Policy

PayPal is our payment processing company. When subscribing you can opt in for auto-renew of your subscription at the current price for two billing cycles. The time to renew your subscription is between March 1 and May 1 to ensure no interruption of your subscription. We will send a reminder note with your last issue (in the spring). If you are on auto-renew you can ignore this note. Should you forget you are on auto-renew and you renew manually (early), when your auto-renew processes we will extend your subscription into the next subscription year in lieu of a refund. Should you require a refund for your duplicate payment, we will gladly refund your subscription less a $10 admin fee. 

Subscriptions are non-refundable, except for the example above.

Case Studies Wanted!

The #1 request by our readers is the sharing of case studies.

Everyone has something to share! Submit your case studies:

International Journal of 
Professional Holistic Aromatherapy
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